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At the Town of Rumford Selectmen meeting held on 07, May 2020 the board has approved the Fire Department to resume Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations.  The Town has gathered enough PPE to safely resume EMS services. Rumford Firefighter/EMTs will respond and render critical lifesaving measures when citizens or visitors request medical assistance effective today. The fire department will respond to Delta & Echo levels emergencies, this is the medical coding system used by the Oxford 911 center to indicate the seriousness of the call.  This Fire/EMS operations is mission critical to the citizens and visitors within the Town of Rumford. This emergency response system has and will save lives when minutes count the most.

The Rumford Firefighters are highly trained and dedicated to providing many difficult disciplines such as Suppression, Rescue, Hazmat, EMS, Technical Rescue, Motor vehicles accidents, inspections and any other emergency responses that we are called upon to respond and mitigate.

If any residents have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the Fire department office.

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